P. F. Drucker



マネジメントに関するコンセプトやスキルとは8 割以上がドラッカー由来であり、多くの経営学者、マーケティング、戦略の専門家がそのことを事実として受け入れている。マーケティングの大家、セオドア・レヴィットが、ドラッカーの剽窃者をもって自ら任じていたのがその典型である。ドラッカーの弟子には何通りかあって、ドラッカーの体系を意識的に発展させた人、特に何も言わず自らのものとする人、ひいては自らの登録商標としてしまう人などさまざまである。




His Skill and World View

In fact, more than 80% of the concepts and the skills associated with management originated with Drucker—which many management scholars, and marketing and strategy experts admit. A case in point is Theodore Levitt, a marketing authority, and self-admitted Drucker plagiarist. Drucker disciples take many paths. Some consciously build upon Drucker’s system; others take Drucker’s ideas without giving him credit; and yet others take them to build their own brand.

However, there is a reason for this. Among those building on Drucker’s work, what they share is the grasp of management as dealing with worldview-related issues. In other words, management consists of countless other things besides skills. There definitely exists a worldview, that is to say, thought and philosophy. It wouldn’t do to develop only one’s skills.

For example, if you had a plan to travel to a certain place, there would be many ways to get there, even though the destination is the same. You could take an airplane or a ship. Or you could take a non-stop sleeper train, or you could use bullet train connections. You could take local trains from the start, or even go there by bicycle, or on foot if you wanted to. In any case, the method for reaching one’s destination definitely reflects one’s perspectives on travel, or outlook on life. Skills are the same kind of thing. And so, like a contrabass ensemble, the framework, or worldview, is flowing deeply in the background.

That’s the point to understand him.